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Dan Brulé is the greatest Rebirther since Leonard Orr himself. He has inspired me more about breathing than anyone in 25 years. I’ve gone from knowing the ‘scales’ to feeling in charge of an orchestra of power and ease through my own breathing and being.

Liah Holtzman, internationally known Breathworker since 1978 author of ‘Forgiveness Equals Fortune.

Having been a professional combat instructor for governments, military teams, law enforcement, and civilians for over 20 years, my specialty is close-quarters knifefighting, the most demanding and intensive means of personal combat. I cannot begin to estimate the indispensable value of utilizing Dan Brule’s breathing techniques in my fighting skill development, my business, and more profoundly so, in my personal life. Being tutored by Dan Brule promises to be a positive life-improving experience for anyone of any age from any walk of life.

Tom Sotis, The Sotis Group Founder of AMOK!

Not a day goes by that I do not use a Dan Brulé breathing technique or exercise

Don Barnes, Attorney

Expansion of awareness + positive human qualities. Supports and enhances personal growth initiatives. Assists in funneling our best intentions + somehow filters out the negatives.

K.G. (New Orleans)

I was free from thought, in pure exaltation and beauty, full of joy. This experience helped me to realize that I have much to be thankful for, and that I have worked through many problems to be here in happiness…” “Indescribably wonderful.

D.L. (Instructor)

I definitely feel of being reborn and renewed. I have tried very hard for so many years to reach this point of being . And finally, I feel loose, soft, and open. It feels wonderful to experience Peace and Enlightenment, emotions of Love and Gratitude. I have practiced breathwork since you coached me, and every time I did it, I was able to relax more and to go more deeply. I think I really got it… I was SHINING like a STAR today… I am happy and joyful, loving and kind, merciful and creative. Dan, I ‘m still shocked, I can believe it happened to me!” Thank you so much!

T.W. (student)

My name is Julia, I’m from Russia. I suffered with bronchial asthma for the first 14 years of my life. Medications did not help me. My condition kept getting worse and the doctors said that there was no hope and that I would die soon. All possibilities seemed to be exhausted and I thought it would soon be the end of my life.In the middle of August 2003, Dan Brulé came from the USA to my city to teach Breathwork. On the first day of the workshop, during my first Breathing Session, I had a feeling of freedom and I realized that I could live without medications and breathe without tensions. Now I’m 24 years old and I am completely healthy and alive thanks to breathwork and Dan. I work as an English interpreter, and I’m learning Hindi and Spanish. I am also practicing aikido, yoga, meditation, and some martial arts, and of course breathing helps in this a lot. I continue to practice breathwork on my own, and I am waiting for Dan’s next workshop for more growth and development. Thank you Dan! Thanks to you, I can now live and breathe freely!


Thank you for the magnificent experience and all that you taught us in Bucharest. I am looking forward to meeting you again, maybe next year. I’ve experienced so many things in my life since the workshop. Now I just follow the flow. I am not pushing anything anymore, and yet everything comes my way. Magic!


I just want to let you know that I am very inspired by the work you do and the service you provide to the world. It makes me want to discover my gifts I can share with others; I know it’s healing in some form and am open to whatever comes. Wishing you perfect travels.


Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend workshop. It was inspiring and Practical, and I feel I have a lot to work with

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