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Breathing Strength & Capacity is linked to Spiritual Strength & Capacity

Anyone who practices Breathwork for some time has abundance of evidence—in fact, we have no doubt—that the way we breathe reflects and expresses our physical, emotional and psychological health. We also find that our breathing patterns are related to our spiritual state and condition. The way we breathe either supports and enhances or restricts and

Breathwork in Sports, Athletics and Fitness Training

I recently had the pleasure to work with a group of hockey players and coaches at Competitive Edge Skating and Strength Training in Michigan. And I’d like to share with you some of the tips and techniques we covered in the three days of work with these great young athletes. First, a reminder of the

Modern Techniques and Ancient Rituals

Conscious Breathing has played a part in shamanic rituals and ancient indigenous ceremonies since the beginning of time. The breath is symbolized in many creation myths, and it is applied in many initiation rites and religious practices. Breathworkers all over the world are now using the power of the breath to awaken inner peace and

Accessing an Ocean of Energy with Breathwork!

Recently, we have taken the “fundamentals of breath mastery” to the high-tech, high- performance, high-rolling, entrepreneurial world of California and Las Vegas! We also brought the art and science of breathwork to the west coast fitness world. The benefits of breathwork are well proven and easily experienced. Breathwork is the new yoga! It is modern

The Essence of Breathwork

You may have noticed that Breathwork is coming of age! It is being applied by more and more people in the fitness, sports and peak performance world, in medicine and psychotherapy, in martial arts and the military, in the creative arts and in the corporate world. My friend Leonard Orr once said: “Breathing for healing

Control Your Breath to Control Yourself

There is no longer any argument about it: the practice of Breathwork enhances performance in sports and business. It improves health and increases enjoyment in everyday life. It is being used everywhere—from the battlefield to the playing field, from the classroom to the courtroom, from the boardroom to the bedroom. When you control your breath,

Start the Year with a Walk: A Breath Walk!

We are into the new year… filled with promise and possibilities… Many people start the year with the intention to get more exercise. A simple start in this direction is to take a daily walk. Maybe you already have that habit. In that case, I invite you to make it a ‘Breathwalk’. Maybe you have

Here come the Holidays!

Expect stress levels to be high for many if not most of us over the next few weeks! As if we are not busy enough. As if there aren’t already more than enough things to do. I just breathed with a guy who was pressing to finish a number of work projects before year’s end.


Pace, Space, Intention I love it when someone digests what I teach, blends it with what they have learned from others, integrates it into their own experience and practice, and then passes it on in a clear, effective and powerful way. This is exactly the case with Shane Saunders, one of our One Sky Practitioners

Take a Deep Breath. It’s Back to School Time!

Hey kids! Hey teachers! Are you feeling a bit nervous about the start of a new school year? That’s a good, healthy thing, you know! It is perfectly normal to feel anxious when facing a challenge or beginning a new adventure. The nervousness we all feel at times like these is simply the awakening of

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