October 1-21: Australia
Join Dan and the O2 Collective Down Under!

O2 Summit

Breath Mastery Fundamentals * Breathwork as a Healing Modality
Breathwork for Peak Performance * Advanced Practitioner Training

For information and registration, Contact Angie:info@o2collective.com

Book private sessions with Dan here: https://www.o2collective.com/store/qUzy8Qow


October 24-31: Russia!

A Special Training for Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists. Also on the schedule: An “Open Breathe!”

November 2-8: Netherlands
Breath Mastery Fundamentals and Advanced Training

Fri, Nov 2: Spiritual Breathing. Full ON!

Sat, Nov 3: Repatterning the Body Mind System

Sun/Mon, Nov 4-5: Special 2-Day Practitioner Program.

Tues, Nov 6: Private sessions

Wed, Nov 7: Exploring and Clearing Birth Trauma

Contact Cora: info@yogatrainer.nl

November 9-11: Breathing in the Village of Creil

This special training is for practitioners and students.

We will focus on the latest breakthroughs and the current best practices in Breathwork.

It’s an opportunity to create a solid foundation and broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills.

It’s an opportunity to gain new insights and more experience.

The location for this event is a beautiful old farm.

Visit: http://paradijsopaarde.nu/fotos/

For information and registration, contact Gjalt: gjalt@ademruimte.nl

November 20-December 5: Back to Brazil!

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